Welcome to Two Pups in a Truck

Just a fun site to see the adventures of Nike and Zeus and the human that feeds them. 

About Us

A little about us

We are rescued pups that bring joy to those closest to us.

The pups are Nike a beagle/lab mixed dog and her companion Zeus who is a shepherd/coyote mixed dog. Both are rescued and fixed. They love to travel and smell all the neat things.  They like to play with most pups they meet with out on the road. 

We like meeting cool people and here are some

We travel in this large car and get to meet all kinds of interesting people and their pups.

This is just a taste of some of the people we get to hang out with.  And a few photos of our favorite dog friends

Let's see our friends

Fun fun fun and work work work

We love to do this!! Sleep that's the best.

Our human is extremely happy with her current company and loves to tell people about the great opportunities being a part of the Bennett Motor Express Family.   Whether you're looking for flatbed, heavy haul, drive away, AA and E, or our humans favorite power only Bennett is where you need to be! For more info on how you can become part of the family check out the link below! Dont for get to tell them truck 421145 sent ya!

Bennett Truck Transport

Our friends

Tony Justice

Check out the latest info, videos and music at www.tonyjusticemusic.com

Tony is a hard working truck driving man that can sing! He has several albums out and our human likes to sponsor songs on them. We love the songs she has sponsored and can't wait to hear more from him in the future.  Check out his website!!


Bill Weaver

Bill Weaver is a truck driver that can sing. We like him. Check him out at wwwbillweavermusic.com

Bill Weaver is a truck driver that also sings he has a lovely wife named Carol Ann who sings with him from time to time. We like to listen to his music as we truck down the road. Check him out at www.billweavermusic.com

Chip Jacobs

Chip Jacobs is our best buddy! We love to go to his house and play in his big yard.

This dog we love!! He is our best buddy!!  We love to go to his house and play in his big fenced in back yard.  He has a hot chick that lives with him named Vivian we liked play with her to but she's a little grouchy.  Chip loves to play ball and he'll have his human throw a ball for hours!

Gene and Debbie Jacobs

Eugene and Debbie Jacobs they are the epitome of old school truckers always there to lend a hand!!

Gene and Debbie Jacobs are family. They help our human in every way they can they are true old school truckers. And they have been in industry for longer than our human has been alive and they have so much wisdom that they share with her and others.  Gene has helped her with a lot of mechanical issues and Debbie has helped her with a lot of personal issues. And they are our friends too we love them we try to spend as much time as we can with them they are the greatest!!